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What is Cepheid Variable?

Cepheid Variable is the student science fiction club at Texas A&M University. Cepheid's activities include AggieCon, the oldest and largest student-run science fiction convention in the U.S., and Schlockfest, an amateur filmmaking competition, along with a number of smaller programs. The official Cepheid Variable website is cepheid.tamu.edu.

What is cepheid.ORG?

Cepheid.ORG is a privately-owned site created to provide a point of contact for current and former Cepheids. Features of this site include an unofficial mirror of the official Cepheid Variable webpage, a discussion forum, and email services for people with accounts hosted on cepheid.ORG.

Cepheid.ORG is not associated with Texas A&M University, Cepheid Variable, or AggieCon. Opinions posted on cepheid.ORG are in no way official statements from Texas A&M University, the Cepheid Variable organization, or AggieCon.

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